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Appeal For Witnesses of Classic Crimes

Theatre Royal, Nottingham is appealing for witnesses following four bizarre and seemingly unrelated crimes that have been reported.

In past weeks, Nottingham has suffered a spate of mysterious crimes and the city is awash with unanswered questions. How did a local police sergeant’s magic show end in an attempted murder? Why was a celebrity novelist’s death mistakenly reported in the papers? Just who is the handsome lothario who has been rescuing aristocrats? And why were two women, enraged by infidelity, jealousy and revenge, locked in a room together with a bottle of poison?

Our reporter, Ferdinand Billows, has taken to the streets to investigate this unusual spate of crimes – click on the image below to watch his latest news report…

Four seemingly unrelated, unsolved crimes. The question is, ‘Whodunit?’

Theatre Royal, Nottingham is now appealing for witnesses and anyone with information who may be able to assist with this investigation and urge anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious to get in touch. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to crack the case? Get set to witness these dastardly crimes in another nail-biting Colin McIntyre Classic Thrillers Season and book your tickets today to see Sleighed to Death, A Touch of Danger, The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Nightmare Room this summer at the Theatre Royal.

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