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TRCH is 'simply the best'

New Interim Venue Director at Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall Nottingham is looking forward to leading ‘the best venue in the country’

Following Robert Sanderson’s departure as Managing Director of the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall Nottingham, Jonathan Saville, currently the venue’s Director of Sales, Marketing and Development, will become Interim Venue Director and lead the organisation, initially for the rest of the year.  The interim period will give the venue’s owners, Nottingham City Council, time to consider the best way to build on the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall’s successes and ensure a long and bright future ahead.

Jonathan Saville joined the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall as Marketing Manager in 1999, becoming Director of Sales, Marketing and Development in 2011.  Speaking about this opportunity, he said: “In my view, this is simply the best venue in the country.  A beautiful Matcham theatre and an acoustically perfect concert hall, set in the very heart of one of the UK’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities.  We have an exceptional team here at TRCH and I’m very proud to be leading them through this next phase, building on the successes of our recent Transformation Project, and continuing to provide Nottingham with the very best live entertainment programme.”