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This is a past event and is currently no longer running.

Bumper Blyton

The Third Stage
This event has passed.

A riotous, improvised Enid Blyton parody for grown ups, chock full of innuendo and lashings of puns. The cast create a brand-new Blyton inspired adventure on the hoof, inspired by audience suggestions and the spiffing yarns of Aunty Enid herself.

Performed in vintage costume with music and songs, the show offers an hilarious tongue-in-cheek homage.

Return to a time when you could get a delicious tongue sandwich or wrap your lips around a nice spotted dick.

Featuring a picnic basket of seasoned comedians from stage and screen, this is quality comedy theatre that’ll grab you by the jolly hockey sticks and leave your sides aching!

Important Information

This event will take place at the Theatre Royal Dress Circle bar.

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'The kind of good humour and imagination that marks out the best improvised comedy'

TV Bomb

'Delightfully silly'

Three Weeks

'Fantastical, creative and highly entertaining'

Fringe Guru