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Featuring The China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble
Chinese New Year Gala
Dance, Music

Chinese New Year Gala

Tickets Free

Join us for an evening gala event packed with authentic Chinese folk-performance, brought to you by some of the very best artists in China.  Let’s begin the Year of the Rooster with passion, fun and inspiration!

The China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble are based in Beijing and are the only national-level performance group representing China’s ethnic minorities.

Established in 1952, the ensemble started with intrepid artists traveling to remote areas, across mountains and prairies, in southern, western and northern China determined to find the dancers and singers who nurture and preserve the rich folk traditions of China’s ethnic minorities. With its roots firmly based in a broad and diverse cultural and artistic heritage the ensemble is currently comprised of dancers and musicians from 37 Chinese minority groups. To date, the ensemble has performed in more than 70 countries. Annually, it gives more than 100 performances in China and has the rare distinction of selling out every performance.

30 national-level performers, including Mongolian superstar Teng Geer (腾格尔), will showcase a dazzling cascade of folk-art, ranging from Uyghur, Tibetan and Manchu to Kazakh, Zhuang, Korean and more.  This promises to be a night to remember.


  1. Folk Dance Ensemble: “Celebration of Spring”
  2. Uyghur Traditional Instrument Aijieke Solo

Musicians: Adili Abulizi & Band

  • “The Spring of Xinjiang”
  • English Folk Song (tbc)
  1. Tibetan Song and Dance: “Happy Tibetans”
  2. Male Solo: “Road to Heaven”

Tibetan Vocalist: Awang Luosangdunzhu

  1. Traditional Single-String Instrument Solo

Zhuang Musician: Lei Ying

  • “The Wind that Sweeps Over the Bridge”
  • English Song (tbc)
  1. Female Solo

Manchu Vocalist: Shen Li

  • “Reed Flowers”
  • “The Waves of Hong Lake”
  1. Mongolian Bow String Instrument Morin Khuur/Horsehead Fiddle Solo

Musician: Zhang Duo

  • “Galloping Horses”
  • “Hungarian Csárdás”
  1. Kazakh Dance: “A Lovely Rose”
  2. Four-String Traditional Instrument Pipa Solo

Musicians: Zhao Qiong & Band

  • “Dance Music of the Yi People”
  • “Chrysanthemum Terrace”
  1. Soprano Solo

Zhuang Vocalist: Mu linlin & Band

  • “Water Nymph Rusalka”
  • “Swallow”
  1. Korean Dance: “Dance in the Moonlight”

Dancer: Piao Gengwu

  1. Uygur Tambourine Solo

Musician: Yiliyaer Ayoufu

  1. Male Solo

Mongolian Vocalist: Teng Geer

  • “Heaven”
  • “Mongol”
  1. Folk Dance Ensemble: “Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate”

*this programme is correct at time of writing, but subject to change without prior notice


Important Information

Show Running Time: 2 hours

£2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

Venue: Royal Concert Hall

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Under 16s
All tickets £5

Over 65s
All tickets £5

Family Ticket
£25 for 4 people. Maximum of 2 adults.