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Etherwave: Adventures with a Theremin

Etherwave: Adventures with a Theremin

Tickets Free

Welcome to the Third Stage…the home for our range of spoken word and music events in the informal surroundings of the Theatre Royal’s Dress Circle Foyer. The bar will be open so take your seat, relax and enjoy.

A wonderfully weird Third Stage start to 2017 … notorious performer Hypnotique explores the Theremin – the world’s first electronic instrument and its influence on music today. Expect espionage, martians and encounters with Amazonians, Bob Moog and Simon Cowell in a multi-media performance of this strange and extraordinary instrument.


Important Information

This event takes place in the Theatre Royal Dress Circle Foyer Fees £2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

Venue: Theatre Royal

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“Her arms are spider thin, fast and gossamer sharp. Edward Scissorhands given musical form” 

Everett True, Plan B Magazine