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Celebrating the music of Neil Diamond
Hello Again - The Story of Neil Diamond

Hello Again - The Story of Neil Diamond

Fri 5 Jan 2018 Book Tickets Tickets £22.50

Tribute shows, homages, celebrations? There are just so many. Some good, some bad, they come and go in and out of vogue, much like the artist(s) that they are emulating. A very select few, however, are just so good that they become a sensation in their own right, becoming a must see, the only show for fans of the original artist.

Hello Again – The Story Of Neil Diamond most certainly falls into this category, with a cast that can proudly boast past guests including Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Take That, The Spice Girls, The Bay City Rollers, Freddie Starr, Culture Club, The Drifters and many more, it’s no surprise that this show has accelerated itself to becoming the talk of theatre land.

It’s also no surprise, when you consider the subject matter…One Neil Leslie Diamond, born a star on 24 January 1941, in his early years an in-house songwriter at the now legendary Brill Building, scoring his first solo hit in 1966. 50 years and over 125 million records sold, his ongoing story carved deep in the annals of music history is one that must be told.

Enter Brooklyn Creed & The Salvation Band. Dubbed “The voice of Diamond”, Brooklyn carries huge expectation on his shoulders. Born with an uncannily similar timbre to his idol and an exceptional guitar player, Brooklyn soon sends any competition running home to their mothers.

The Salvation Band, great friends and one of the hottest live bands in the UK, coupled with Brooklyn Horns* and Ascending Strings* hand pick specific live and studio versions of Diamond’s performances under the critical gaze of MD and keyboard player Dave Jenkins to ensure absolute authenticity.

Show creators and producers, Darren Bazzoni and Juanita Diaz were insistent in keeping quality and consistency paramount throughout, employing one of the best production teams in the business, Network Productions. Sound, lights & video are in safe hands with the crew responsible for numerous smash hit productions.

Evocative imagery, video and narration enhance the magic, as the show takes you on a musical journey through Neil Diamond’s glittering 50-year career. From The Bang Years to the present day you’ll soon find yourself singing along to all the hits including Sweet Caroline, Cracklin’ Rosie, Forever in Blue Jeans, Song Sung Blue, Hello Again, Love on the Rocks, America and many more. 

* Brooklyn Horns and Ascending Strings, on selected shows only.


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£2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

Venue: Royal Concert Hall

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