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This is a past event and is currently no longer running.

Shirley Valentine

This event has passed.

Willy Russell’s
Starring Jodie Prenger 

Shirley is a Liverpool housewife. Her kids have left home and she makes chips and egg for her husband while talking to the wall. Where has her life disappeared to? Out of the blue, her best friend offers her a trip to Greece for 2 weeks and she secretly packs her bags. She heads for the sun and starts to see the world and herself very differently.

Willy Russell’s heart-warming comedy premiered in 1986 and took the world by storm. It was adapted into an Oscar nominated film. Now, on its 30th anniversary, Jodie Prenger stars in the first major revival of this national treasure.

“I was no longer Shirley the neighbour, Shirley the middle-aged mother, Shirley Bradshaw. I had become Shirley the Sensational, Shirley the Brave, Shirley Valentine”.

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Important Information

Suitable for ages 14+


Fees £2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

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Save £7.50 on Monday 7.30pm performance, excluding Balcony seats & save £3 in the Stalls & Upper Circle Tuesday to Thursday 7.30pm, Wednesday 2pm & Saturday 2.30pm performances.

Under 16s & Go Card Holders
Stalls & Upper Circle tickets £21 Monday to Thursday 7.30pm & Wednesday 2pm & £23 for Saturday 2.30pm.

Groups 10+
Stalls & Upper Circle tickets £22.50 for bookings of 10 or more. Excluding Saturday 7.30pm performance. Please contact our Group Sales Team on 0115 7210622 to book.