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This is a past event and is currently no longer running.


This event has passed.

The South-London legends first came onto the music scene over forty years ago, but the maturity of their catalogue of songs, which includes Cool For Cats, Up The Junction and Tempted has outlived their initial burst of chart activity on the back of New Wave.

The band’s Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriting duo Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook reunited nine years ago to relaunch Squeeze, now a six-piece line up including Simon Hanson (drums), Lucy Shaw (bass), Stephen Large (keyboards) and Melvin Duffy (guitar and various instruments).

This show will see the band revisit old favourites as well as new hits from 2015’s Cradle To The Grave and music from their new album due for release in 2017.

Support will come from cult rhythm and blues act Nine Below Zero.



Fees £2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

Show Times
Support from Nine Below Zero 7.30-8pm
Squeeze on stage 8.30-10.30pm

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“Difford and Tilbrook deliver a rousing reminder of their talent for tuneful and touching glimpses of everyday life"

The Guardian

“A crowd on their feet sang back new songs as though they were decades-old classics"

The Times

 “Squeeze head Up The Junction on the journey back to success"