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This is a past event and is currently no longer running.

The Gipsy Kings

This event has passed.

Members of the Gipsy Kings have been delighting audiences with their passionate music since the sixties, initially operating in the Southern French village of Arles. In 1986 the band’s music reached the ears of the wider world. Assisted by producer Claude Martinez they began crafting a contemporary vision of flamenco, which mixed their traditional roots with influences from Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and rock music. Their pioneering approach paid off, as their songs and albums started selling by the load in Europe. Since then their reputation has grown and grown worldwide, making them a popular draw wherever they choose to play.

Running time: Molly Ralph: 8-8.30pm, Gipsy Kings: 9-10.45pm


£2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

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