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Beanbag Music Club
Beanbag Christmas Prom - Sinfonia Viva
Family, Foyer Events, Music

Beanbag Christmas Prom - Sinfonia Viva

Tickets Free

As Christmassy as snowflakes and mince pies, Sinfonia Viva’s Beanbag Prom is an essential part of any family’s seasonal celebrations. Percussionist Alasdair Malloy (who starred alongside Mike Oldfield in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, don’t you know?!) leads his tinsel-wrapped orchestra as only he knows how, mixing enchanting performances of classical favourites with clowning around,  crazy costumes and props, and plenty of good old audience participation.

Don’t forget to wear your Christmas jumper!

Magical musical adventures for under 6s & their families.
There’s a mountain of beanbags to sit on as you’re entertained by fantastic  musicians and invited to join in alongside Beanie Bear. Each event lasts around 45 minutes with the chance to meet musicians and have a go with the instruments.

Important Information

Venue: Royal Concert Hall

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Under 1s
Tickets £1