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This is a past event and is currently no longer running.

After Hours: Sinfonia Viva

This event has passed.

Sinfonia Viva
Duncan Ward  director/piano
Gary Carpenter  Bermuda Suite and Dolphin
Martinů  La Revue de Cuisine

Sinfonia Viva return to the After Hours stage with a compact and agile ensemble in a vibrant mix of dance and jazz-infused pieces. British composer, Gary Carpenter, who has composed ballets for Nederlands Dans Theater as well as operas and film and TV music, takes us on a tropical journey with his Bermuda Suite and Dolphin for quintet.

Czech composer Bohuslav Martinů’s one act jazz-ballet tells the story of kitchen utensils behaving badly. Written in 2917, the dancers play a variety of cooking utensils which swagger their way through an episode of kitchen life. The four-movement suite from the ballet contains a sultry tango and a lively Charleston.

A co-promotion with Orchestras Live

Start time may vary depending on the finishing time of the earlier concert.

FREE for the earlier Sinfonia Viva concert ticket holders.


Fees £2 for online bookings or £3 for phone & counter sales applies per transaction.

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