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After Hours: Xenia Pestova & Shawn Mativetsky
Classical Music

After Hours: Xenia Pestova & Shawn Mativetsky

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Xenia Pestova piano
Shawn Mativetsky tabla

We present an unusual and colourful evening of music for tabla and keyboards with an intimate mix of classical Indian music, contemporary commissions and improvisations from acclaimed pianist and Nottingham University’s Director of Performance, Xenia Pestova and Canadian tabla player Shawn Mativetsky. This concert is presented by the Nottingham Forum for Artistic Research and includes works by the University’s Director of Composition, Elizabeth Kelly.

Xenia, who will play the Harmonium and Toy Piano, is a leading interpreter of uncompromising works of her generation. Shawn is internationally renowned as a player and teacher of classical Indian tabla and of performing contemporary Canadian tabla music. They have performed regularly together since 2014 and say their collaboration draws on their common trait of not fitting into boxes.

Photo by Nick Hyatt

Important Information

Venue: Royal Concert Hall

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