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Box Office, Information & Ticket Sales

Call 0115 989 5555
Fax 0115 950 3476
Opening hours Monday – Saturday 9am – 8.30pm. Sundays open for 1 hour prior to performance starting, for ticket sales & collections for that performance only.

General Enquiries

Call 0115 989 5500

Stage Door
Call 0115 989 5500
Fax 0115 979 9145


Call 0115 721 0622

Postal Address

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall
Theatre Square

Charity/Donation Requests


Please note the following criteria:
· Can only donate to events held within Nottinghamshire.
· Must have supporting letter from the charity where relevant or charity number/website.
· On letter headed paper from organisation applying if relevant.
· Include date of the event and address to send tickets to if the request is successful.

Staff Contacts

Managing Director
Robert Sanderson. Email

Operations Director
Kate Collins. Email

Director, Sales, Marketing & Development
Jonathan Saville. Email

Technical Director
Dave Guy. Email

Music Programme Manager
Neil Bennison. Email

House Manager & Access Manager
Emily Noakes. Email

Creative Learning Manager
David Longford. Email

Press & PR Manager
Lucy Thomas. Email

Head of Sales & Marketing
Nicola Blackburn. Email 

Corporate Relations Manager
Sara Newnes. Email

Catering Administrator
Sarah Auty. Email