Safety & Security

Please be assured that your safety and security is our highest priority.  We have a range of measures in place for the protection of all who visit and work in our venues.

These measures are made in partnership with the police and security services, including counter-terrorism officers, the local authority, the wider theatre network, and our specialist venue security contractor, Showsec, to ensure all our procedures are up to date and follow best practice.

Visible measures you might see during your visit include;

  • On arrival, we may ask to search your bags
  • Ticket checks, including on re-entry to the building
  • Security personnel patrols
  • Please only bring small bags that can fit under your seat. Larger bags/suitcases over 40 x 25 x 25cm are not permitted for safety reasons

Other security measures;
In addition to the safety and security measures that you might see during your visit, we have additional measures in place that you won’t see, such as CCTV in operation throughout the building, regular procedural reviews, staff briefings and training.

Reporting your concerns;
Please remain vigilant.  If you see anything suspicious inside or outside the building during your visit, please report this immediately to a member of staff.