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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the blue badge parking?
If you are visiting the Royal Concert Hall we would recommend parking on Burton Street (GPS nearest post code NG1 4BU) and the Blue Badge spaces at the side of the Concert Hall (you would approach these from Talbot Street). These spaces are approximately 50 metres from the Royal Concert Hall ramped entrance and 200 meters from the Theatre Royal side entrance.

If you are visiting the Theatre Royal we would recommend using the blue badge parking on Wollaton Street (GPS nearest post code NG1 5FW). These spaces are approximately 200 metres from the main Theatre Royal portico. Prior to approaching the Maid Marian roundabout, take the left turn onto Wollaton Street.
Click here for more Blue Badge parking information.

My mother is unable to walk long distances and uses a walker. What is the easiest way to get her to her seat?
The lay-by, located outside the Royal Concert Hall’s main entrance on South Sherwood Street, can be used for the arrival and collection of customers to both venues. (GPS nearest post code NG1 4BY) Please note that parking in the lay-by is not permitted. She can use her walker to get to her seat and we will look after this for her during the performance.

What is the best public transport option for close proximity?
The Royal Centre tram stop is located approximately 50 metres from the main Theatre Royal portico entrance and 150 metres from the Royal Concert Hall main entrance.

I wish to book tickets and will be requiring a wheelchair space, who do I call?
Please call our Box Office on 0115 989 5555. Our box office staff will be able to advise you on all aspects of your visit.

What proof of disability do I need to provide to qualify for a reduced price ticket?
Please visit our Access Requirement Register for further information.

What should I do when I arrive at the venue?
If you are visiting us for a performance and you already have your tickets then you can make your way into the Theatre or Concert Hall when the doors open for the performance. If the doors are not open we have seating available in the foyers and our bars will be open serving a selection of drinks. If you need to collect your tickets when you arrive at the venue then make your way to the Box Office. Our Box Office team are on duty from 9am – 8.30pm Monday – Saturday and are available to answer any questions. Before and during performances we also have our Front of House Stewards available to assist you with any queries. 

Do I need to bring my Access Register card with me when I book tickets and when I visit?
It assists our Box Office team if you have your Access Requirement Register (ARR) card available when you are booking tickets at the Box Office counter, if you are booking over the phone then you will need to give us the ID number on your card. You do not need your ARR card when you visit us however if you are collecting tickets on the day it may be useful to bring it with you. 

Can I book my ticket and my carer/personal assistant’s ticket online at the same time if I am registered on the ARR?
In 2017 we are focusing our attentions on developing online booking for the customers who wish to book their tickets via this method. This will allow the correct discounts to be applied if the customer is a member of the Access Requirement Register and is eligible for a free personal assistant ticket. We will let all of our ARR customers know when this is available in the meantime please bear with us.

My current Access Card is about to expire, how do I renew?
We have created a simple renewal form for any customer who has been a member of our Access Requirement Register for three years and their card has, or is about to, reach its expiration date. The renewal process is easy and also offers customers a chance to update any of their details or a change in their personal circumstances. Please visit our Access Requirement Register for further information. 

Does the theatre need to know if I am using an assisted performance service?
When you book with our box office please make sure you let us know if you are booking specifically to use an assisted performance service. We can make sure that you are sitting in the best part of the auditorium to use this service and that any relevant discounts can be applied to your booking. 

Can I bring my guide dog?
Assistance Dogs are welcome in both the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall. You can take your dog into the auditorium or you can use our dog sitting service. Bowls of water are available if required. Please advise us of your needs at the time of booking. 

I am partially sighted and need a member of staff to assist me during my visit. Who do I contact? 
We are happy to offer assistance throughout your visit. Please inform our box office when you book and we will make sure that a member of staff is available to help you. For more information please email Emily Malen or call 0115 989 5609.

I would like to transfer from my wheelchair into an end of row seat, where should I book tickets?
In the Theatre Royal, seating in the Stalls has level access. All other areas of the auditorium (Dress Circle, Upper and Balcony) have steps in order to access the main seating areas. In the Royal Concert Hall, seating in the Stalls has level access. On the higher tiers there is limited level access to the seating as the majority of rows have steps to reach them. If transferring to an end of row and requiring level access M row on Tier 2 allows for this. If you would like to arrange a time to come and look at the seating please contact the Access Officer on 0115 989 5609. 

Where are the toilets located in relation to auditorium seating?
All toilets are located in the foyer areas. In the Royal Concert Hall we have toilets on all levels. In the Stalls there are toilets located near door A, this includes two accessible facilities. On Tier 1 the toilets are located near doors C and D (please note there are three steps to reach these facilities) there is also an accessible toilet with no steps at door C. On Tier 2 toilets are located near door E all with level access. There are also toilets, with level access, on Level 2 and 4 where our bars are located.

In the Theatre Royal, level access toilets are located in the main Stalls foyer, along with a larger accessible toilet. On The Upper Circle foyer level there an accessible toilet near our Upper Circle bar; there are also toilets on the Upper Circle which have 5 stairs in order to reach them. 

Do you have any accessible toilets that require a RADAR key?
There is an accessible toilet using a RADAR key in the Royal Concert Hall on Level 3 (Tier 1) and in the Theatre Royal on the Upper Circle foyer level. All other accessible toilets in the venue do not require a RADAR key in order to access them. 

My hearing aid isn’t working in your auditorium.
Please be assured that the infra-red loop system is checked daily by our in-house technicians and will be available for each performance. If you have a hearing aid please ask for a Sennheiser neck loop which can be collected from the Cloakroom counter in the box office foyer – there is no charge for using these.

You will then need to change your hearing aid to the “T” position, and the volume on the necklace receiver should be turned to a comfortable level for you.

If you require this service we would recommend joining our access requirement register so that the box office will be able to locate you in the best area to receive the hearing assistance signal when you book your tickets. If booking tickets online please refer blackspot seating plan so you make sure you are booking tickets in the best areas.

It is also worth noting the receivers depend on line of sight with the transmitters in the auditorium.

If the line of sight is blocked by clothing, bags, programmes or even a beard, or if you turn away from the stage they may not work as well for you. If you are still having problems during your visit return to the access Kiosk or Cloakroom where someone will be happy to help or supply an alternative unit.

I am partially sighted, as well as a hearing aid user; do you have equipment that will work for me to receive the audio description service?
Yes, we have some headset types that will work for you. Please ask when acquiring a headset from the cloakroom / access kiosk that you require this type of headset.

I would like some more information on the facilities available for customers living with Dementia.
We have a dementia friendly information leaflet available; please let us know if you would like us to send you a copy. 

I am sensitive to strobe lighting, how can I find out if the performance I am coming to have this effect in the show?
We make every effort to make this information available on our website show pages and for our Box Office team as soon as we are aware.

Please contact the box office on 0115 989 5555 and the team will endeavour to answer your questions and offer information about the show you are attending or thinking of booking or you can visit the show page on the website.

We will also make customers aware of any notifications such as strobe, haze, flashing lights and gunshots on the day of the visit via the digital screens in our foyer spaces. 

I need a quiet space, where can I go?
Please speak to a member of staff, as there are a number of spaces they can take you.

Do you have lowered counters?
All of the Box Office counter positions are accessible for everyone and our access desk in the theatre Royal and cloakroom in both venues have lowered counters. We are currently implementing some refurbishment works over the summer of 2017 and as part of this some of the bars will also have lowered counters positions available.

When I book my tickets at the counter I find it difficult to stand if I need to wait in a queue, what can I do?
We are part of the Take a Seat scheme and we have chairs available for customers who would like to Take a Seat while they wait, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to get one for you. 

I have a medical requirement can you help?
Please feel welcome to bring medicines, food or drink with you to the Theatre or Concert Hall to manage an existing condition. If you need to bring medical equipment and feel you need to make us aware then contact the Box Office who will be happy to notify the team. We have a First Aid Room available if you require a more private space to administer medication, please ask one of our Front of House team during your visit who will be happy to direct you.

My child does not like loud noises, do you provide ear defenders?
Yes, we have junior ear defenders that are available from the Access counter in the Theatre Royal. Please be aware we have a limited numbers which will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

What is your postal address?
Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall
Theatre Square

Contact details
Box Office: 0115 989 5555