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Access Requirement Register Information

The information you provide for the Access Requirement Register (ARR) will help us to find the best available seats to you for your needs. You only need to register every three years and it will help us look after your future enquiries and bookings more efficiently.

If you are deaf or disabled and you are unable to attend an event without help, you can join our free ARR and get a complimentary ticket for your personal assistant.

If you would like to join the ARR, simply scroll down to complete the online application form below, or download the form in the format that you require and return it to us via email, post or in person at the Box Office.
*PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing a fault with our online forms. Alternatively, to join the Alternative Format Mailing List, please email directly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

For further information please call the Box Office on 0115 989 5555 or email

Download the ARR application and supporting information in Word .doc format:
ARR Information
ARR Application
ARR Information – Large Print
ARR Application – Large Print
Access Statement
ARR Renewal Form

Join The Access Requirement Register

Ticket Purchaser

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Access Requirements

If you would like to receive our Seasonal Brochure in an alternative format, please indicate below

If you do wish to apply for a free personal assistant ticket (PA) when you attend either the Theatre Royal or Royal Concert Hall then please read on.

Customers who would be unable to attend without a PA are entitled to a complimentary ticket for their PA when attending a performance or event. The PA must be able to assist the deaf or disabled person to access the theatre and its facilities, remaining with them to ensure their wellbeing and comfort.

A free PA ticket is available at the venue’s discretion to those who need assistance from another person in order to move around safely within The Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall buildings. Anyone designated as a PA must be able to assist the person they are attending with to leave the building in an emergency.

Proof of eligibility required for a free PA ticket. A photocopy or scan of one of the following documents (dated within the past 12 months if DLA, Attendance Allowance or PIP) makes your PA eligible for a free ticket.

  • Front page of DLA letter (Medium or Higher Rate) (the annual increase / Christmas bonus letters also accepted)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)
  • Front page of PIP letter (no specific rate)
  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card
  • CredAbility Access Card (with +1 icon)
Please bring your proof of eligibility to the venue with you or email a scanned in document to Applications are judged on a case-by-case basis.

* Required fields

✝ For your convenience we will register you for 3 years, we would like to retain your information so that you do not need to re-submit it every year. The information you supply for the Access Requirement Register will help us to find appropriate seats for you quickly and easily and will save time when you book in future. We do not share personal data with any third party organisations.

People who intentionally give false information will be removed from the Access Requirement Register. This list will be monitored regularly.