Your Questions Answered

We understand there’s lots to think about when planning your visit, so we’ve prepared some useful information that might help. There’s everything you need to know from how to book a wheelchair user space, to where you can store your mobility device during a performance – if you do have any further questions that we haven’t covered, do get in touch.

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Online Booking for Assisted Performances

I’d like to book tickets for an Assisted performance but the online seating plan isn’t showing any seat availability in an area that suits my needs. Am I still able to get tickets?

For Captioned, Sign Language Interpreted, Audio Described and Relaxed performances, a number of seats that are suited for those using Assisted performance services are held by Box Office and not available for online sale. This is to ensure that users of the interpreter, captions or audio description signal can access seats in the required areas of the auditorium. These seats can only be booked through the Box Office (either by phone or over the counter) or by emailing:

We are currently developing our online booking process for customers attending Assisted performances and hope to be able to make these seats available for online booking soon.

Wheelchair Users

How can I book tickets that are suitable for a wheelchair user?

Both the Royal Concert Hall and the Theatre Royal have wheelchair user positions in the auditorium. Currently these can only be booked through our Box Office, either over the phone or over the counter. To avoid disappointment we recommend booking early as there is a limited number of wheelchair user positions available.

Guide Dogs

Can I bring my guide dog to the venue?

Assistance dogs are welcome in both the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall. You can take your dog into the auditorium or utilise our dog sitting service. Please inform Box Office at the time of booking if you are bringing an assistance dog.

Staff Assistance

I may need assistance during my visit. Will someone be able to help me when I arrive?

If you think you might need assistance during your visit, please let our Box Office team know at the time of booking and we will ensure a member of staff is available to meet you on arrival, guiding you to your seat and familiarising you with our facilities. Alternatively, email in advance to let us know how we can help.

Loud Noises & Flashing Lights

Will the performance contain loud noises/flashing lights/haze/gun shots?

Wherever possible we will make you aware in advance of performances containing flashing lights, loud sounds effects, use of strobe or any special effects that may be distressing. These will be displayed on the digital screens in our foyers, as well as on our website. If you have any specific concerns, please contact our Box Office who will try to give you more detailed advice about each show.

Alternatively, you may find our Relaxed performances a more suitable environment allowing you to enjoy a show with adaptations to the sound levels and lighting, and reduced pyrotechnics.


Can I bring medication or medical equipment with me?

Please feel welcome to bring medicines and specific dietary foods that you need in order to manage a medical condition. If you need to bring medical equipment with you and would like to make us aware of this, please contact the Box Office who will be happy to notify our Front of House team. If you require a more private space to administer medication, please ask a staff member who will be happy to direct you to the nearest convenient space.

Mobility Devices

Am I able to bring a mobility device (including walkers, wheelchairs or scooters)?

We have accessible entrances for walkers, wheelchairs and scooters in both the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall and you are welcome to use your mobility aid to access and transfer to your seat in the auditorium. During the performance our staff can look after your walker or wheelchair at a conveniently located access point. For those who need it, we also have a wheelchair that can be used on arrival or to access your seat – please let us know in advance if you think you may need to use this.

Hearing Aid User

I have a hearing aid, do you have a system that will enhance the sound of the show?

I am a hearing aid user, is there an Assistive Listening system I can connect with?

Yes, We have a choice of two different systems. Hearing aid users can enhance the sound in the theatres via an infrared Sennheiser system (using headsets borrowed from the access desk) or via the Mobile Connect app (a WIFI enabled system which works in conjunction with your smartphone). Please ensure the T setting has been activated on your hearing aid prior to your visit. For audience members with a Bluetooth hearing aid we would recommend connecting (via your smartphone) to the Mobile Connect app. Please click here for further information .

Changing Places Toilet

Do you have a Changing Places toilet?

Yes, our Changing Places toilet is located on Level 0 in the Royal Concert Hall.

A Changing Places toilet meets the needs of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal and brain injuries, cerebral palsy, as well as older people. To use the toilet in safety and comfort, the Changing Places toilet has more space and equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.

This facility is available for use by customers and members of the public when the venue is open for performances and events.

Find out more about Changing Place Toilets

Carer Tickets

Do you offer free carer tickets?

If you require a carer / essential companion to accompany you, registering on our FREE Access Requirement Register will allow you to book a free Personal Assistant (PA) ticket for shows. A free ticket for a PA is available for any deaf or disabled person who has purchased a ticket to an event or performance and would be unable to attend without the help of their personal assistant. Click here for more info.